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2015 Career Fair


On March 21, 2015, Dare 2 Be D.E.A.F. returned to Lake City High School for its second career fair. Partnering with the Lake City Graduation Initiative & Florence County School District Three Parent Academy, we provided insight into the life of a student after high school.


We are grateful to those of the Lake City High School Alumni who took time to return home and pour into students who have been walking the same hallways as they did during their teenage years. Our speakers were involved in three different activities. These included career sessions, panel discussions, and a motivational segment.


Participants went to three different sessions to learn more about a specific career. Speakers engaged with students, sharing with them how they navigated through their career field. A strong emphasis was placed on the measures that must be taken after high school. Our panel discussion gave participants an opportunity to ask additional questions in front of a larger audience, while our D.E.A.F. motivators provided a deeper look into what it means to Dream, Educate, Aim, and Focus! Entertainment was provided by The Dramatic Coffee Beans and Sheena “Rove” Hargrove.


By way of the partnership and provision of many local supporters, breakfast and lunch was provided to all participants. Many gift cards were also donated, resulting in additional gifts given to many of the participants through a raffle.


Careers represented: Accounting, Chiropractor, Clinical Psychology, Computer Engineering, Cosmetology, Education, Entomology, Environmental Health, Healthcare, Human Services, Infrastructure Technology / Construction Management, Intellectual Developmental Disability / Behavioral Health, Law Enforcement, Medicine, Military, Ministry, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Public Health, Residential Builder, Sports Medicine, Technology

Speaker locations: South Carolina (12), North Carolina (5), Georgia (4), Iowa (1), Maryland (1), Missouri (1), Virginia (1)

2015 Career Fair Speakers

Edited by Brandy Selmon

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