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To empower students to act on their dreams and aspirations. We provide students with guidance from Lake City High School Alumni from a variety of careers. Our purpose is to provide a diverse platform for students to gain more knowledge on achieving their goals in a specific field of interest.




Dare 2 Be D.E.A.F. (Dream. Educate. Aim. Focus.), Inc. was established in 2014 by a group of Lake City High School alumni who shared a common vision to unite LCHS alumni and educators. The goal of Dare 2 Be D.E.A.F. was to encourage, uplift, and disseminate valuable information to LCHS students and their parents on how to successfully navigate the pathways of continuing education and the professional world. Wanting to give back to their hometown community, Dare 2 Be D.E.A.F. was able to form a partnership with the Lake City Graduation Initiative and the Florence County School District Three Parent Academy to develop a career fair in which nearly 100 parents and students received information on life after high school. Focusing on the next generation, Dare 2 Be D.E.A.F. was able to provide students with insight from various careers. This is only the beginning. Dare 2 Be D.E.A.F. will continue to help students prepare for their future before it becomes their present.



Dare 2 Be D.E.A.F., Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Lake City, SC.


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