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2016 Career Fair


In partnership with the Lake City Graduation Initiative & Florence County School District Three Parent Academy, we were able to host our 2016 career fair on Saturday, April 9th at Lake City High School (LCHS). The event was for all students that attended LCHS.


Providing vital information concerning potential careers of interest, LCHS students had an opportunity to explore two different career fields. Each career was represented by Lake City High School Alumni. The purpose of each session was to help students gain a better understanding of what to expect if they decided to pursue a specified career. We provided information so that students would have a better understanding of required coursework, certifications and advantages that institutions and vocational schools impose upon their success.


While working closely with the students of LCHS, we recognized educational privation within the subject area of basic financial skills. In an effort to fortify their knowledge in this topic, we incorporated a financial literacy session for all participants. Areas of focus during this session included budgeting, credit, and loans.


In addition to promoting career and financial awareness, further enrichment was gifted to our students through the influential speeches presented by four of our Dare 2 Be D.E.A.F. Motivators! These individuals provided spurts of insight on how we all can Dream, Educate, Aim, and Focus. Entertainment was also provided by The Dramatic Coffee Beans, Justin Hanna (DJ Superman), and Trey “Trizzy” Burgess.


By way of the partnership and provision of many local supporters, breakfast and lunch were provided to all participants. Many gift cards were also donated, resulting in additional gifts given to many of the participants through a raffle.


Careers represented: Accounting, Anesthesiology, Engineering, Entomology, Healthcare/ Healthcare Administration, Higher Education, Intellectual Developmental Disability, Law Enforcement, Military, Ministry, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Public Health, Technology

Speaker locations: South Carolina (8), Georgia (3), Maryland (2), Iowa (1), Missouri (1), North Carolina (1)

2016 Career Fair Speakers


Edited by Brandy Selmon

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