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Vision Board Party 

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As the Lake City High School Class of 2018 prepared to embark upon a new journey, we were afforded the opportunity to introduce a concept that would help students create a vision board for their desired future. Vision boards are used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Students found various images that described the next phase of their life. Areas included continuing education, careers, community involvement, traveling, and hobbies.

Every student received a graduation hat to place on their board. Each student wrote “2018” on the hat to signify their upcoming graduation. Depending on the next chapter in their educational journey, students utilized additional graduation hats for their anticipated undergraduate and master’s degrees. 


Many volunteers were on site to talk with students about their dreams. Students were challenged to articulate what was on their vision board. Our volunteers allowed students to express what they envisioned for their future while offering abundant encouragement. 

Edited by Brandy Selmon

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