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Vision Boards - Career Exploration - Financial Literacy


We returned to Olanta Creative Arts & Magnet School (formerly Olanta Elementary School) on Friday, April 27th, 2018 to revisit the vision board party that previously took place there in September of 2017. Students reflected on their visions for the school year and discussed how they achieved certain goals. Many praises were given to the students as they were eager to talk about their accomplishments. 

In addition to the vision boards, we offered two new activities during our visit - Career Exploration and a Financial Literacy Simulation. Through our career exploration game, students worked together in groups to determine which school subjects and skill sets were important for specific careers. Students gained clarity on the importance of subjects in which they are currently studying and how they are tied to careers in which they are interested in. The Financial Literacy Simulation introduced students to basic budgeting concepts by emulating real life situations. Students were placed into small groups identified as families. Within each family, their specific make-up, defined by the number of family members, job, and income, was determined. Each family worked together to create a monthly budget. They also learned the value of saving for unexpected life events. 


Edited by Brandy Selmon

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