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Thank you to everyone that supported our 3rd DARE To READ book drive to serve children in Lake City, SC!  Your support has been invaluable in helping us achieve our goal to promote literacy in our community. We understand the importance of literacy and how books can open up a world of knowledge and imagination. With your help, we can ensure that all children have access to books and the opportunity to develop a love of reading. With this effort we have donated 125 books to numerous schools in Florence School District 3 and early learning programs in Lake City. Thank you for your generosity! 

At Dare 2 Be DEAF, we care about our youth and strive to provide them with all the resources they need in order to become successful leaders in their communities. Since 2019, we have donated over 500 books to students in Florence School District 3, including early learners. We are committed to empowering today’s youth to be the leaders of tomorrow - and couldn’t have gotten this far without your generous contributions. We are enthusiastic about the inspiration we hope to inject in children as they explore the story of Lamar Takes A Trip.

Thank you to our top sponsors that each sponsored 10 books:

Lake City High School Alumni Association

Cherish Harcum

Unlimited Transformations

Check out our past DARE To READ book drives:

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Book Drive 2022 EduScholars Learning Center.png

Learning Center

Book Drive 2022 JC Lynch Elementary School of STEM.png

J.C. Lynch Elementary School of STEM

Book Drive 2022 LC Early Childhood School of Arts.png

Lake City Early Childhood School of Arts

Book Drive 2022 Lake City Head Start.png

Lake City
Head Start

Book Drive 2022 Main Street Elementary.png

Main Street

Book Drive 2022 McFadden's Learning & Child Care Academy.png

McFadden's Learning & Child Care Academy

Book Drive 2022 Olanta Creative Arts & Science Magnet School.png

Olanta Creative Arts and Science Magnet School

Book Drive 2022 Panther Academy.png


Book Drive 2022 Scranton Elementary STEAM Academy.png

Scranton Elementary STEAM Academy

Book Drive 2022 Skipper's Learning Center.png

Skipper's Learning Center

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